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Over 20 years ago Leica Geosystems brought out the first hand-held laser distance meter and revolutionised the world market. Since then we have set the standards for productivity in modern measuring.
A lively spirit of innovation inspires our highly motivated development engineers to keep coming up with new ideas. They lead to products that win over the customer with their robustness, reliability and precision. Leica DISTO™ eases our customers’ everyday tasks.


Function D110

Leica DISTO D2 with Bluetooth





Distance measurement  up to 60 m

   up to 100 m

   up to 80 m

up to 120 m

up to 200 m

up to 250 m

Minimum / maximum measurements




Area measurement

Volume measurement

Triangle / room angle function

Painter function

Trapezium measurements
Pythagoras functions

Tilt measurement

360° 360° 360°

Inclination tracking

Smart Horizontal Mode™

Sloped object measurement

Height tracking

High profile measurements

Stake-out function

a/a a/b a/b a/b a/b

Subtraction / addition

Pointfinder with 4x zoom

Camera function
Measure with the picture


Protection class IP54 IP54 IP54 IP65 IP65 IP54

Multifunctional end-piece

Personalised favourites

Touch screen